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Lukewarmness is very loathsome to God. To make no profession of love to God at all is not such a reproach to him as to profess love and be lukewarm.

God wants all your heart. If he can not have it all, he will have none. He desires warm, fervent love. To love him only partially, and not supremely, makes it appear as if he were worthy of only half-hearted love. It makes other things equal with God.

After the physician learns the symptoms and pronounces the disease, he then prescribes the remedy. Thank God, there is an unfailing remedy for lukewarmness. Of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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A kind of doubtful or uncertain feeling as to whether you are right with God

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Some Irishmen had caught a large turtle and cut off his head.

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This is the condition of the lukewarm professors and beware of it.

Diseases of the human body are attended with certain feelings and symptoms by which the physician can tell the nature of the affection in a particular case. The diseases of the human soul are also attended with certain symptoms by which the nature of the malady in a given case may be known.


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Among the different principles in the character of God is found steadfastness. When God delivered Daniel from the lions.

The Spirit of God has illuminated the Word and enlightened your mind to know what is your Christian duty; hence when you go forward and discharge your duties faithfully, you are truly being led by the Spirit. You know it to be your duty to help the poor.

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You know it to be your duty to help the poor, to support the weak, to comfort the sorrowful, to attend religious services, to witness for Jesus, to study the Scriptures.

You may sometimes feel a strong impression to pray, but you do not need to have this feeling always in order to be duty -bound to pray. It is your duty to pray, to give of your means, etc., oftentimes just as much when you do not feel impressed to do so as when you have strong inward impressions.

The man who is steadfast, unmovable in the Word, goes forward to a discharge of his known duties, no matter what his feelings may be. Whatever may be his impressions to do a certain thing, if it is not consistent with the Word and the Spirit and his knowledge of right, he persistently refuses to obey.

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There was some contention in the church over circumcision

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Barnabas exhorted that with purpose of heart they cleave to the Lord

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Steadfastness is a firm, fixed purpose of the heart to cleave unto God

You will find that, if you attend to every Christian duty, you will often have to go contrary to your feelings. How often the enemy of your soul will, if he can, cast indifferent feelings over you concerning prayer. That is the time to show your Christian fortitude and steadfastness.